Anti-wrinkle injections in Lancashire

Botox anti-ageing treatments

Anti wrinkle injections are generally thought to be the best treatment for the forehead area, frown lines and crow’s feet near the eyes.

In fact, botox has become the most popular non-surgical treatment in the world today reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There is one very simple reason for the international runaway success of Botox…it works!

Sarah is known for giving subtle but effective looks. So, if you’ve been told that you’re looking ‘tired’ or ‘worried’ when you’re not, Botox may just be the boost your skin needs and soon people will be telling you how ‘fresh’ you look.

Crows Feet

Crows feet (lines fanning out from the outer edge of the eyes running toward the temples and cheeks), some people regard them as a sign of wisdom, but if you’d rather they were gone, they are generally simple to treat.

Frown lines

These vertical lines between the eyebrows can make us look a little fretful, as well as pulling our eyebrows down to a less flattering position.

One of the simplest treatments for these lines are anti wrinkle injections commonly known as “Botox®”. This is one of the easiest and effective areas to treat with anti wrinkle injections as there also tends to be a lifting and shaping effect of the eyebrow which can be modified by Sarah to give a more flattering brow line.

Forehead lines

Sick of seeing those long lines across your forehead? are they are ageing your youthful complexion? Well with a few painless injections to that area may be the answer to your prayers. Botox works by relaxing the muscle which we contract several times a day and eventually causes us wrinkles. But by slowing down those muscles the lines can dramatically reduce and often disappear.

The ‘Brow Lift’

The botox® brow lift or ‘chemical’ brow lift is a very popular technique. It can treat mild to moderate heaviness in the brow for those that want to avoid surgery. Botox® is injected into the delicate muscles around the eye area. The muscles once relaxed allow the overlying skin to become smooth. Wrinkles fade away and the brows are lifted given a brighter more youthful appearance.

Bunny Lines

A bunny line is a horizontal wrinkle which forms across the ridge of the nose. Commonly, people have more than one bunny line, with the lines becoming apparent when the nose moves on the face, as it often does when people smile. The presence of bunny lines differs greatly from one person to the next. Some people hardly notice them with fine lines only appearing on the nose when it is scrunched. Others, however, have noticeable bunny lines that are visible with common, everyday facial expressions. Bunny lines are easy to treat using Botox.

Jawline Slimming

One of the many effective uses of BOTOX is to slim the jawline, an increasingly popular treatment in my aesthetic practice.
A wide jawline can often be attributed to oversized masseter muscles, the muscles involved in chewing and clenching the jaw, giving the jawline a square appearance. These muscles can be enlarged due to simple genetics or from overuse. This comfortable procedure is quick and easy to perform with no downtime and an immediate return to normal daily activities. It is less expensive than surgery and creates a noticeably slimmer jawline in a gradual, natural-looking way. Results will take an average of 6 weeks to be appreciated as the masseter muscle will gradually weaken and become slimmer. Results can last as long as 6 months. An added benefit to this procedure is relief of excessive grinding of the teeth and TMJ dysfunction or soreness.

Nefertiti Neck Lift

The procedure involves Botox being injected along the jawline and in the platysma muscles in the neck area, to ‘lift’ and tighten the skin in the the neck and jaw area. By relaxing the muscles the facial muscles create an upward pull, reducing the sagginess of the areas to achieve a defined jawline. Named after Queen Nefertiti due to her admired long neck and bone structure, the results should become apparent 2-3 weeks after treatment. You may need to top up the treatment approximately every 3-6 months to maintain the desired effect.


Excessive Sweating/Hyperhydrosis is not a temporary condition and can be very embarssing for both men and women.  We have great news, we can treat it with botulinum toxin injections. Botox is a muscle relaxant that has been used by doctors in the UK for years to treat profuse sweating as well as other medical conditions.

*DISCLAIMER Patient experience and results may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as lifestyle, age and medical history.

Botox anti-ageing treatments, Lancaster, Hest Bank


Botox temporarily relaxes the muscle that causes an area of skin to crease. As a result, the offending wrinkle either dramatically fades or disappears altogether.

Botox can also be used to lift eyebrows and improve other areas of concern on the face.

Initial effects appear within 2-5 days and continue to improve for two weeks, when they then reach optimal appearance.

Sarah will contact you one week after your Botox treatment to determine if you require a FREE adjustment appointment. If necessary, this is administered around 14 days after the original treatment.

Usually 3-4 months. In some cases, 6 months
No Sarah uses the smallest needles on the market, so few customers experience even mild discomfort. Likewise, unlike some other operators, Sarah uses a high turnover of needles per client, so bruising is minimised.

If you prefer, ice or local anaesthetic cream can be applied to minimise sensation.

Yes, but you can usually have the Botox treatment at the same appointment as the consultation.
4-6 per area of treatment.
Usually, 15 minutes – but new customers generally require a 45-minute appointment.
Botox is used to relax wrinkles in the upper half of the face. Dermal fillers plump areas of lost volume, such as nose-to-mouth lines, or to enhance lips.
Botox is charged per muscle group – i.e. each individual area requiring treatment. If you need an immediate top-up for the same area, it is free of charge.
No Sarah is trained to preserve and maintain eyebrow movement, which is the key to creating natural expressions.
Yes, when a qualified Clinician administers it. Cosmetic doses of Botox are minuscule and over 450,000 UK procedures are performed each year. Allergic reactions are extremely rare.
As Botox has no recovery time, there is little aftercare required. Immediately following treatment, you can enhance its effects by gently moving the treated area with mild facial exercises. For the first 2 hours after treatment, it’s important not to rub the affected areas. For the succeeding 24 hours, don’t engage in any vigorous exercise, drink alcohol or experience prolonged sun exposure – whether natural or artificial.
Botox is broken down by the body during the first 48 hours of treatment, so does not accumulate in your system. Improved effects are visible with multiple treatments because the muscle is already relaxed from the previous session so your skin is creasing less and the wrinkles are not being reinforced.
No. Your face simply returns to how it was prior to treatment.
Some, but most are related to the actual act of injecting the skin, not the product itself. These include: minor redness or swelling around the injection site (which vanishes within 1-2hrs), minor bruising on occasions, headaches and a very small risk of infection around the entry point. In very rare cases, clients can experience a temporary droop of the eyelid.
Women who are pregnant and/or breast-feeding, people with neurological diseases such as Myasthenia Gravis and Parkinson’s Disease, consumers of certain anti-biotics (namely Erythromycin) and those using blood-thinning medications including Warfarin or Heparin.

Sarah will discuss these with you at your consultation

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