Dermal Fillers Regain your skin’s lost volume – instantly

Dermal Fillers are most commonly used to help reduce signs of ageing.  Dermal Filler is a natural occurring hyaluronic acid (gel like substance) used to restore volume to deep wrinkles, fine lines and sunken areas of the skin.


As we age, one of the most noticeable facial changes is the loss of fullness in our cheeks, producing slight jowling and a tired, ‘aged’ look.  Advanced injectable fillers offer a quick and effective way of restoring volume to the cheeks and by gently ‘lifting’ the cheek area, they reduce the jowling along the jawline. This leaves your face looking more youthful and ‘uplifted’ and naturally enhances your cheekbones.

Cheek augmentation is one of the most effective and instant ways of taking years off your face quickly. Used in conjunction with other treatments, such as anti-wrinkle injections to crows feet, cheek augmentation gives you a fresher and rejuvenated result.

Nose to Mouth Lines (Nasolabialfolds)

One of the most commonly requested treatments, the shadow that forms between the nose and the mouth is treated with a small amount of dermal filler. Results last 12 to 18 months and the area is refreshed by softening the shadow or crease that give the impression of lifting. By softening this crease it can almost declutter the face and allow your most beautiful features to shine through.

Mouth to Chin lines (Marionettes)

Marionette lines run from the corners of the mouth down to the chin (the lines which make you appear “unhappy” ) and are caused when the skin loses elasticity due to sun exposure and the ageing process.

Weight loss can also cause loss of volume in the face, leaving sagging and wrinkled skin.

Treatment with dermal fillers provides extra fullness to the areas where deep lines are apparent, leaving a rejuvenated and younger appearance.


Your lips are one of the most important features of your face and say so much about you. Scientists have known for decades that lips which are naturally full with a defined shape are considered sensual and attractive.

As time goes by, lips naturally lose their volume, appearing thinner and less defined. Wrinkles and fine lines can alter the smooth look of your lips further, and compromise the shape of the vermillion borders and cupids bow. The corners of the mouth may even turn down, giving a tired and aged appearance.

We provide a subtle 0.7 ml or a fuller 1m to rejuvenate the mouth area and tailor the treatment to each individual needs.  No trout pout here!

Temple hollows

When volume is lost on the temple hollow area at the side of the head it can give a gaunt and unhealthy appearance. By placing a small amount of dermal filler here it can give an immediately fresher and more youthful look.

Tear Trough’s

For clients who are struggling with the ageing appearance of the under eye shadows or bags and complain of looking tired. Some people may opt for surgery which can be a drastic step with a high price tag. This is an extremely advanced application of non surgical treatments and many practitioners concentrate on botox for the crows feet and neglect the under eye, therefore the client is not receiving the full benefit of treatments available. Treating the tear trough.

Chin Augmentation

A well proportioned chin has always been a thing of beauty. A chin that recedes, or simply doesn’t protrude as much as other features, can unbalance the face. The procedure involves injecting dermal filler into precise areas of the chin in order to increase the length, width or projection of the chin.

Jawline Filler

Dermal filler can be added to the jawline to strengthen a sagging jawline which can be a sign of ageing. Others may genetically have an under formed or weak jawline which can greatly affect confidence and filler can be used to sharpen it. A defined jawline is a very desirable look, and a strong jawline can be the most striking feature of a person’s appearance.

Ultimate Contour Package (Cheeks, Chin and Jawline)

Sarah Murphy offers a unique contour package tailored to you to achieve those striking Kylie Jenner cheeks and a perfect cute chin by defining and tightening the jawline all using dermal fillers and sharpening those beauty points in just one appointment.

The Teo Lift

A dermal filler package tailored individually to you, where surgery would otherwise be required, at a fraction of the cost. This package is designed to restore volume to the mid and lower face using advanced and precise techniques for total rejuvenation.This treatment targets the soft tissue loss associated with the ageing process.

This treatment offers a more ‘complete’ facial anti-ageing solution compared to individual dermal filler treatments which target specific areas such as the nasolabial folds or a down-turned mouth.

Dermal Filler in Lancaster, Hest Bank


Essentially, the mid to lower-half of the face. As well as plumping up lips, dermal fillers correct ever-present lines and lost volume around the cheeks, lips and lower face.

Dermal filler is a natural form of hyaluronic acid – a substance that occurs naturally in the skin.  It is used to remove nuisance wrinkles and to resolve areas of lost volume, fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Juvederm ULTRA lasts 6-9 months. Juvederm VOLUMA and Radiesse can be used, which maintain their effects for up to 18 months and one year respectively. However this chosen product would be more expensive.

Consultations, although not a legal requirement with dermal fillers are recommended so that our nurse practitioner can best advise the treatment plan to you face to face.

Our most popular dermal filler, Teosyal RHA, has an in-built anaesthetic called Lidocaine which enhances comfort. We can also use anaesthetic cream if you prefer.

No Sarah will try and avoid this at all costs by redefining the upper lip to minimise the ‘homer’ look.
No. The dermal fillers we use take on the characteristics of the body’s own tissue so the product itself won’t be noticeable.

Usually between 2-6 per area.

The procedure including numbing time will take around 1 hour.

Dermal fillers replace lost volume in the lower half of the face. Botox predominately treats lines in the upper half of the face by temporarily relaxing the muscles that cause an area of skin to wrinkle.
Yes. Only 1 in 20,000 treatments result in an allergic reaction. Although dermal fillers can be reversed using another injection, this requirement is extremely rare.

As with Botox, patients should avoid excessive alcohol, exercise or sun for the first 24 hours. As Dermal filler is an injectable treatment bruising and swelling can sometimes be present, this usually resolves itself in 48 hours but bruises can last up to 2 weeks.

The gel is broken down naturally and reabsorbed by the skin.
No. Your appearance will simply return to how it was before you began dermal filler treatment.
Most possible side effects are related to the action of injecting the skin, not the product itself. These include: redness, minor swelling, itching, tenderness around injection site and potential lumps in the treated area. These can be reduced by massage.

If you are prone to cold sores, there is a small chance that one will occur following a lip enhancement. In very rare instances (1 in 15,000) blood supply from the smallest vessels can be disrupted causing scab formation and, in some cases, scarring.

Women who are pregnant and/or breast-feeding, people with severe allergies or a history of anaphylaxis and with some auto immune diseases and oncology treatments.

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